Company Profile

Since 2012, JBB Builders has become one of the key marine construction players in Malaysia with a track record in undertaking large-scale marine construction contracts.

According to the Ipsos Report, JBB Builders is ranked first amongst key active industry players in Johor, Malaysia in 2016 based on the provision of land reclamation services. The Group has reclaimed around 41.5% of the total reclaimed land area in Johor between 2013 to 2017, owning approximately 33.0% of market share in 2016 based on the provision of land reclamation services.

Specialising in marine construction services, JBB Builders leverages its expertise and know-how in managing and coordinating works of different subcontractors, so that it can focus on works such as sand handling and filing, which it believes to be a critical part in the reclamation process.

Across all activities, JBB Builders plans, coordinates and manages its in-house technical team and external consultants to offer a wide range of specialist capabilities such as hydrographic surveying, pre-reclamation design, sand handling and filing.

This strategy of our group acting as the main contractor and delegating works to subcontractors under the supervision and management of the Group’s project team makes for an efficient business model in particular when dealing with scalable marine construction works.